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Web hosting is serious business. A wrong choice in web hosting will end up making your website management experience an annoying one. A good web hosting company offers you so many great features and this helps you to enjoy your website. There are many website hosting companies in the market, they all want you to buy into them. They give you mouthwatering offers that may not be true. But here in this article, an unbiased comparison will be made between HostGator and iPage. It will be discussed under many headings, very important headings. 

1) Features

There are many features that one can exploit when you have these two companies. The truth is that the features they offer are so good and one cannot really choose between the two.  For iPage, they offer you free domain name for one year on all their plans.  They also have very exciting packages for first-timers. This company also has three site builders that will help you build your website without programming.  They also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, couples with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email. iPage gives you a marketing suite worth $30. And a free site lock protection that costs you $100. There is also a free WordPress installation. For HostGator, the company offers you instant backup, $100 Google Ad words and free WordPress installation. HostGator can also boast of a dedicated IP and a toll free number for their business plan. It has a 45 day money-back guarantee and also gives you unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email. When you look at these features you will notice that they both do not have much difference. So on the basis of features these two companies have a tie.

2) Ease of use

The next thing to consider is the ease of use. It's nice to have all these features but if the platform is difficult to navigate then it is all in vain.  For HostGator, it is very easy to navigate. The sign up process is easy and most users even newbies have said that it is not difficult to access. HostGator uses the cpanel and this makes it quite easier for operation. Anyone in the website business uses the cpanel, so this platform is not new. For iPage, it is also easy to use, the signing up process is easy and also straightforward. But the problem is that it does not use cpanel. This makes it a little but difficult to navigate. If it were using cpanel then probably it will be easier.  Well at the end of the day one can grade these two on the same plane as regard ease of use. There is another tie in this area.

3) Speed

The loading speed of a website tells so much about the website. Nobody wants to visit a website that moves at a snail-like pace. No body also wants a website that is not very fast. In this era, all that matters to people is speed. HostGator and iPage are both fast, there is a test that is normally used to confirm speed. Actually it is a series of tests.  One of those tests is the Pingdom test, when the two companies was tested using the pingdom test, HostGator had a loading speed of 1.34seconds while iPage has a speed of 1.44seconds. On the average, iPage is slower than HostGator, but generally they are both fast.  So the speed of these two companies is not in question. 

4) Uptime

The website uptime refers to how long the website stays online. If the uptime of a website is not good, then that website will not be accessible to her users, and nobody likes that. The amount of uptime your website enjoys is dependent on the website hosting company you are using. If you are using a good website hosting company, then your website uptime will be formidable. In this area, both iPage and HostGator are doing a Good job. The uptime for both companies is approximately 99%. This is the best you can get anywhere; it ensures that your website is online throughout without experiencing downtime. In this particular area, it is obviously a tie and both companies can be given credit for that.

5) Customer support

Customer support is a very valuable tool. Web hosting companies use it as s selling point. HostGator can boast of 24 hour availability. Whenever you try to contact the customer support service, they are available. The only problem is the fact that the waiting time is long. You will place a complaint and not get a response immediately. For iPage, they also offer 24 hour customer service. You can contact them through email, calls or live chat. The waiting time is also a problem for them. In this area both companies come out with a tie as they both have the same problem. 

6) Pricing

IPage is the number one best Leicester web host. The process are awesome and coupled with all the feature that make available. HostGator also has very good prices. In this area both companies have got it covered, they both have very excellent prices and it's another tie.

Pros and Cons

  • For HostGator


1) It offers unlimited disk space

2) It offers you unlimited domain apart from the Hatchling plan

3) It gives you access to unlimited Bandwidth

4) Has a 99.99% uptime

5) It has a 45 day money back guarantee


1) Poor customer support service

2) Website performance is low, 

3) It is not the cheapest in the market

  • For iPage


1) Unlimited Bandwidth

2) Unlimited email

3) Unlimited Domain

4) 99.99% uptime


1) Speed is not the best in the world.

2) Customer support not top notch.


This is a close call between the two of them. It's quite hard to choose a winner because of all the similarities between them. However after much thought, HostGator is the better company.

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